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Since 1977 Quality Sprinkler Company has embraced a customer-centric philosophy. While understanding that our clients have many choices to fulfill their fire protection needs, we have worked diligently to offer them an experience centered around the sharing of common goals, expecting integrity, and yielding to fairness. Since the inception of Quality Sprinkler by William Kluttz Sr., the company has remained steadfast in its commitments to being a caring employer, a worthy partner, and a good steward of our industry.

Not lost in our mission is the value of our employees. We respect and understand the importance of spending precious time with family and friends and we at QSC are proud to be at the vanguard of providing the flexibility to maximize a work/life balance.



Our experienced team of sales representatives provide detailed technical proposals specifically tailored to any individual alteration, addition, or new project requirements.

Their knowledge of industry best practices, NFPA standards, and local AHJ requirements ensures that the level of protection proposed is the right protection for your environment.


Utilizing both experienced in-house NICET design technicians and vetted third party design services, your project’s fire protection system is transformed from a proposal to a visual plan.

With the use of tools, such as AutoCAD, computer generated calculations, BIM, and user collaboration, your fire protection system is designed with your goals in mind.


It has been a long tradition of QSC to warehouse and fabricate materials and components that make up your fire protection system. Our automated welding process and production threaders fabricate each piece of piping that will be collectively assembled into a water-based fire protection system.

Providing this service in house allows us to meet rigorous scheduling demands and eliminates delays from a “first come first served” outside fabricator.


Our installation crews are equipped with the right tools to perform the task of transitioning your fire protection system from a plan to a realized asset. If your project entails up-fitting an existing space, converting to a different occupancy, or a ground up building or campus, QSC has a proven ability to match your protection demands.

From fleet vehicles to power tools to BIM coordination software, our crews are plugged into your expectations. You can rest assured that our installers will perform their work in the safest and least disruptive manner possible.


As with any automated building system, your fire sprinkler system will require periodic service. With over 45 years of experience installing water-based fire protection systems, our crews are specialist in the installation of these systems. Because they know how these systems are built, they know better than anyone how to repair and service them.

Our technicians are ready to answer calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By having our own fully stocked parts warehouse, we are well equipped with the parts needed to repair your system in less trips and get it back in service as quickly as possible. Whether the needed repair is an emergency or a code violation, we are proud to be your partner in providing the solutions to these needs.


We offer inspections and testing of all water-based fire protection systems in compliance with the requirements of NFPA 25. Our inspection services can be tailored to fit your individual needs, whether that be annually, quarterly, semi-annually, monthly, or even weekly.

Our inspectors are certified to perform inspections in North and South Carolina. We utilize an electronic reporting format so that results are expedited in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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